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2016 RSA Student Design Award Winners

The RSA Student Design Awards challenges emerging designers around the world to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.

Van de 900 internationale inzendingen wint Simon Van Pottelberg in de categorie ‘One Man’s Waste’ en werd Beatrijs Van Hoof genomineerd in de categorie ‘The good life’.


Design a way to help eliminate the concept of waste within developed societies by promoting it as a valuable material resource.

Winner Eddie Squires award

Simon Van Pottelbergh, LUCA School of Arts (Belgium), Product Design.

Plyjeans: a new material made from waste denim that utilises its existing fabric structure. Plyjeans comprises stacked layers of denim from old jeans that can be cut, milled, and bent to make furniture and other objects – at the end of their life, these can be shredded and the fibres reused.


Empower people who live with long term, lifestyle-related health conditions to take a greater role in managing their own care.

Nomination Philips Award

Beatrijs Van Hoof, LUCA School of Arts (Belgium), Product Design.

OIDO monitors diabetic patients with a high risk of developing foot problems in order to detect small injuries, infections or blisters in an early stage.

Every day the patient will be prompted to do a foot screening. If complications occur, a specialist caregiver will be visiting the patient to provide medical care. The caregiver can also set a series of excercises that the patient can perform at home, using his or her OIDO.


Docent: Luk van der Hallen.

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